Jesus…or Santa?

The internet is bursting at the seams with information justifying the image, belief, or roots/history of Santa. So, I won’t add to it. For those who are born again…you already know Who Christmas is about. But every year, many Christians have Santa alongside the nativity, mixed with their decorations inside and out, on their cards, their lips, the wrapping paper. I’ve even overheard them teaching their children and grandchildren about Santa.

He doesn’t exist. Yet I’ve been involved in many lively conversations with other Christians who vigorously defend the rotund interloper. They claim it’s harmless, that Santa is based on a real person, Bishop (saint) Nicklaus, or he’s a “type” of Christ. Nicklaus is dead, Jesus is alive, and He’s the real thing, not a facsimile or type of God, but He is God, Elohim. Santa isn’t human. Worse, this being uses magic, which God condemns. In the song, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, he’s attributed to knowing when we’re bad or good, and also to knowing our thoughts. The bible states that God knows the thoughts and intents of the heart. Not once is Satan given credit for knowing our minds (or reading our thoughts). Which means he can’t! Neither can this fat elf people are enamored with. Once a year he travels around the world giving gifts only to good boys and girls, by sliding down their chimneys. Thieves have died doing that. Chimneys aren’t common anymore, but grandparents have become inventive explaining how Santa gets those presents under the tree. This–clinging to the truth and a lie–is being double-minded.

And then the little ones are taken to church where they’re taught about the birth of Jesus. Like oil and water, the two stories don’t mix. Most parents say that Santa is part of the innocence of childhood. But as the years pass, children grow, and they figure it out for themselves that mom and dad told a pack of lies. You lose respect for someone who lies to you. As adults, they choose whether or not to continue the tradition of lying. But they still can’t let go of Santa, because they’re comfortable in their double-mindedness.

God has said that He’s searching for people to worship Him in spirit, and in truth. Santa is a spirit of lies and deception. The truth of Christmas is worshiping, and celebrating the birth of our Savior, Who came to earth in the flesh, born of a virgin, falsely arrested, falsely accused, whipped for our healing, wore a crown of thorns for our peace. Was nailed to a cross and died for our sins. Went to hell in our place, defeated Satan, rose from the dead, to live forevermore. This Jesus, the Son of God, Son of man, is the reason for the season of Christmas.

And what has Santa Claus ever done for us, or anyone? Has anyone ever prayed to him? Is he always near? Does he provide for us, protect us? Has he given his (non) life for anyone? For one person? Does he have a kingdom? If you call on him, will he answer? Has anyone, ever, actually seen him? Where is the proof of his existence? Has he spoken to anyone? Written a book? Left footprints on the roof or lawn? Caught on camera? In the nineteenth century, he was made up, whole cloth, from the imagination of two men–Clement Moore, and Henry Livingston Jr. To this day, their families claim that their relative is the originator of the poem.

This lying, deceiving spirit has not only taken over our mindset of what Christmas is, but it slithered into our churches as well. Many churches gather food and gifts for the needy. A church member can often be found to dress in red, with white beard, to hand out the gifts. “Believe on Jesus children, but it’s okay to believe in Santa one day a year when we’re handing out gifts! The children love it!” Of course they do, but they’re children. A blank slate. We’re the mature, responsible adults…or not.

God said He won’t share His glory. We shouldn’t give glory, or credit, or attention, or space, to this creature called Santa Clause. Choose. If you are born again, choose who you will give space to in your homes and heart. Our Lord and Savior, or this non-existent creature who does nothing except what our minds conceive of him to do.

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