Exiled to a small island called Patmos, the apostle John hears a voice saying “come up here,” and he’s instantly in heaven. He sees someone sitting on a throne, but doesn’t give us any indication that he knows who it is—we have to figure it out for ourselves as we read on. John said the One who sat upon the throne “was to look upon, like a jasper and a sardine stone,” and incredibly, that’s it! The only guy who ever saw God with the naked eye, and recorded it for all posterity and it’s just a short sentence. He doesn’t describe God’s clothes, or the throne, just that God’s skin looked like two different gems. His face and hands were exposed, and possibly the arms, but he must’ve been so shocked at God’s skin color that the clothing was overlooked.

Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony, and comes in all colors, including green. Now, I know there’s no such thing as a green human, but the point is, every skin color on the planet can be found in jasper, and that’s what John says God’s skin looked like…the Person on the throne. Jasper is also related to the bloodstone. Jasper is found all over the earth—the stones are named after the region in which they’re found.

In ancient times, the sardine stone was obtained from Sardis, in Asia Minor and was also called sardius. But just try finding a picture of it, because now it’s called, carnelian.

So imagine this…John is snatched up into heaven, and the first thing he sees is a throne, then he notices Someone is sitting there, and I can almost see his eyes widening with surprise as he sees the guys’ skin colors. So God’s skin is black, brown, tan (or beige), red, yellow, & white…sound familiar? Like I said, we don’t know if the color green is there, and we don’t know if His skin is striped, splotched, spotted, or hombre, but we, the children of God, have the skin colors of our heavenly Father.

I’ve often heard Jesse Duplantis talk about the color of peoples’ skin being the colors of the earth, and he’d call out black, brown, white, red, & yellow. But Jesse left out one. You see it every time you go to the beach. Sand, which is tan, is the closest shade to Caucasian skin—hold wet sand in the palm of your hand, and it almost disappears. Ancient people’s highly prized jasper and carnelian, most especially in red—but black, brown, tan (or beige), yellow, red, white, even green, are found in those two stones.

Adam [`âdâm; aw-dawm], the first human being, the son of God, more than likely had red skin, because his name is derived from another word [’âdam; aw-dam] meaning flush, ruddy, red. (Esau, Jacob’s brother, was also named after his skin color—his nickname was Edom, and all his descendants were known as Edomites.) The dominate, common color of both those stones is red, but while we can’t claim that God is red, or that it’s His favorite color, since He is all colors, He loves variety, and it showed when He created humans.

You’ll see in Genesis 2:7 & 19 that God used dirt to form everything. We don’t know the color of Eve’s skin, but Adam may have been red, and they both have God’s DNA—from these two people come all the skin colors we now have. Every one of these colors is found in the earth, because Adam was formed from the earth. Black, brown, tan, red, yellow, white—and our heavenly Father’s skin is comprised of all these because that’s what John saw.

I’ve seen all of the earth colors except white—I didn’t think it existed till I looked it up on the internet. It’s found in the state of Georgia—a brilliant white, it’s used in a variety of products including cosmetics and medicine. Six basic skin colors, of varying shades, and we keep attempting to make our God one-dimensional by applying one color to Him. By adding black or white, you can darken and lighten all of them.

Getting back to the color green—it may or may not be in God’s skin, but it certainly surrounds Him. John said there’s a green rainbow around God’s throne that resembled an emerald. That means it was a deep, rich green which sparkled, because emeralds, a precious stone, are faceted to bring out its beauty. And it wasn’t an arch—do a little research and you’ll find that, from the air, the true shape of a rainbow is a circle.

So now, imagine this—John sees Jesus, falls to the ground, Jesus touches him, speaks to him, and then John looks up. Several things happen in quick succession—he sees an open door in heaven, someone tells him to come up, and he’s suddenly “beamed” up to heaven. He sees a throne, Someone sitting on the throne, and two things immediately stand out—the person’s skin color, and the green rainbow. After that, things happen real fast. He’s trying to comprehend everything and scribble it down at the same time…and that one, significant sentence about God’s skin colors gets left behind and forgotten.

Some firmly believe that God’s ethnicity is Negro. In Daniel 7:9, Daniel saw God sitting on His throne. Here, God is wearing white clothing, and though Daniel says nothing about skin color, he says; “the hair of His head is like the pure wool.” Arguments in favor of God being black point to this scripture as proof, that God has the hair of a black man. But this isn’t about texture, it’s color. That Hebrew word pure means, clean. White is the dominate color of sheep, and clean wool is a beautiful shade of white.

When Catholic priests where sent around the globe to convert the heathen to Christianity, it was glaringly obvious to the people of color that the priests God was white—all the religious icons, statues, and paintings depicted a Caucasian male with light brown hair and blue eyes! Which is why they referred to Jesus as “the white man’s God.” This is the same problem revisited, by those who argue that He’s black. So if God is black or brown, then where is my God? Where is the Asian God? Where’s the Hispanic God? He’s black, brown, tan, red, yellow, and white, and His children got split up into all of them, but we only wear one color. So, stop being arrogant and selfish, painting Him and His Son to look like your particular race or ethnicity…He belongs to all of us.

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